Wrinkles and the Various Treatment Options Available

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Ridges, creases, or folds in the skin usually appear naturally when people get older. They commonly appear on a person’s face and are often caused by the thinning of the skin due to age. They also form due to the skin’s lack of elasticity. Additionally, they can form due to dehydration, smoking, sun exposure, poor diet, intake of certain medications, and at times due to genetic and environmental factors. Wrinkles often form on the parts of the body that are more exposed to the sun. These include the face, neck, arms, and back of the hands.

Wrinkles are natural occurrences, and no one is spared from them. People with wrinkles can look years older than their age, which is why many people are constantly looking for ways to delay the process, or to avoid getting them altogether.


Wrinkles are categorized into three different types depending on their causes. These are static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, and wrinkle folds. Static wrinkles form when the skin loses its elasticity and when it no longer produces the right amount of collagen.  Dynamic wrinkles form due to the expression of emotions, such as joy, anger, fear, worry, sadness, or surprise.

They are often noticeable when a person smiles, laughs, or frowns. These types of wrinkles usually disappear on their own when the person no longer shows any emotion. Wrinkle folds, on the other hand, are caused by the sagging of the facial features.


Treatment for wrinkles may depend on the type. Dynamic wrinkles, for instance, can be treated with Botox injections. These injections are relatively painless and have been proven to be safe and effective in reducing wrinkles on the face.

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Other types of treatment include the following:

  • Topical retinoids. These are prescription medicines that come in the form of gels, creams, or lotions. They contain vitamin A, which speeds up skin healing and provides natural moisturization benefits. These forms of treatment may not show visible signs of improvement within only a few days of use. They have to be used for a few weeks or months before improvements can be noticed. Sunscreen with SPF should also be used while on retinoids because they can make the skin sensitive to the sun’s UV rays.
  • Non-prescription creams. These creams may provide the same benefit provided by prescription medicines, but their effects are usually short-lived. This is because they may have less active ingredients compared to their prescription counterparts.
  • Photodynamic rejuvenation. This is a treatment used specifically for treating wrinkles caused by too much sun exposure.
  • Laser resurfacing. This is an invasive type of procedure. It can effectively decrease the appearance of facial fine lines while efficiently improving skin tone at the same time. This form of treatment, though, cannot be used to treat sagging skin. This treatment comes in two types: ablative laser and non-ablative laser.
  • Chemical peel. A chemical solution is required to be applied to the skin in this type of treatment. The solution leads to skin peeling, which removes the top layers of the skin. When that part is smoother, the skin then grows back, removing or reducing the number of wrinkles on the surface. This form of treatment can lead to certain side effects. It should be done only by a licensed professional.
  • Soft tissue fillers. These may be fats, hyaluronic acid, or collagen injected into the skin to reduce or remove the wrinkles. The fillers make the face plump and smooth, removing furrows or any wrinkle formation. Like any other form of treatment, the effect of soft tissue fillers is temporary.
  • This is a process where the skin is sanded down with a rapidly rotating brush to remove dead skin cells and wrinkles, allowing new skin to grow. It may take several months before results can be seen with this type of wrinkle treatment.
  • This follows the same procedure as dermabrasion but eliminates only a fine layer of skin on the affected area. Several sessions are needed before any sign of improvement can be seen.
  • Face-lift. This is an invasive type of wrinkle treatment. It requires surgery to tighten the underlying muscles and tissues. The procedure is done by a licensed professional and may be done with the use of general anesthesia, local anesthetic, or sedation.

Consulting a licensed professional should always be done before using any of these types of wrinkle treatments. The professional will know which treatment type will work best for the patient based on the type of skin, age, and other factors. Drinking the right amount of water also helps as it keeps away dehydration which leads to wrinkle formation.

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