Why Many Moms are Having a Hard Time Bouncing Back After Giving Birth


The struggle is real for most women wanting to get their pre-pregnancy self back after giving birth. The fact that pregnancy changes you both inside and out can be enough to stir one’s feelings and emotions. But why is it difficult to get back in shape after you have a baby?

Why You Lack Motivation to Workout

One can have many reasons for not being able to exercise and get back in shape once they are done with their pregnancy. The obvious reasons include lack of time and energy to do so. But if you are not motivated to move and live an active lifestyle, you can end up being unhealthy and happy.

All the things that happened to your body during pregnancy can affect your motivation to work out. Your breasts have grown due to breastfeeding, your bladder fails you, and your center of gravity is likely to change. All the things happening in and outside of your body can contribute to your lack of exercise motivation.

The things that are happening around you can also demotivate you from working out. When you have no one supporting your health and fitness goals, it is easier to get off track. This is especially true when you’re the only one providing and caring for your baby full-time.

The stress that comes with childbirth, the financial struggles of providing for your baby, and not having enough time to take care of your body are common reasons why many moms can’t commit to regular exercise. Wanting to lose weight and achieving your pre-pregnancy body is not enough to motivate yourself to exercise. But once you find your motivation, you can start committing to living an active lifestyle that can lead to healthier and happier motherhood.

Things You Can Do to Bounce Back After Giving Birth

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Thankfully, there are many things you can do to start motivating yourself to get back in shape even when you have a baby depending on you most hours of the day. Here’s how.

Know When to Ask for Help and Support

Know that you are now alone if you are struggling to fulfill your duties as a mother and in getting your lifestyle back on track. But if you are feeling extreme anxiety or depression, you could already be experiencing postpartum depression and not just baby blues. Know that there are local treatment centers for postpartum depression, which means you can get the kind of help you need.

It is crucial that you find the kind of help you need. You might simply need someone reliable to babysit your baby while you do your regular postpartum exercise routine or one who can stay with your baby as you undergo a consultation. Don’t hesitate to ask for help as this will also be for you and your baby’s sake.

Have Reasonable Expectations Before You Workout

Many moms envy celebrities because they are able to lose their baby weight in such a short time. But remember that celebrities often have all the resources needed to get their old body shape back. This includes access to the latest technologies that can get rid of body fat.

Know that all postpartum bodies are unique. Some can easily lose their baby weight while others need a few months’ worth of exercise and diet to see progress. It is best to talk to your postpartum doctor, so they can guide you in getting in shape the healthy way.

Start Inserting Exercise in Your Daily Activities

Once you feel ready to work out again, try to insert bouts of exercise when doing your daily chores or workout with your baby. Start walking more and take your baby out for the sunshine and fresh air. You can round up the park of your neighborhood while wearing comfy shoes to make it easier for you to walk more steps.

When doing your chores, keep your baby close by putting him or her on a carrier. The extra weight while you do your laundry or as you prepare your meals can be enough exercise for you. You can even do kegel exercises and pelvic tilts folding clothes or as you wait for your clothes to dry.

Know When to Stop

There are times when you want to get your old body back that you start showing signs you are not yet ready to exercise. Before you do any exercise, consult with your doctor. Hopping on extreme exercises like running, jumping and jogging can put too much stress on your body, more specifically your joints.

No matter the kind of exercise you do, pay attention to different warning signs. This can include abdominal or pelvic pain, excessive bleeding, prolonged muscle soreness or extreme exhaustion, or shortness of breath after exercising. Talk to your doctor and ask for a list of activities you can safely do.

Your body just gave birth to a wonderful human being. It has been through a lot and requires time to heal. There is no point in rushing your body to get back in shape immediately. But once you are ready to commit, don’t ignore warning signs and consult your doctor. Ask help as needed and your body will tell you when it is ready for your hardcore exercises again.

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