Why choose Invisalign?


Invisalign in Weybridge is more popular than ever due to the range of benefits during treatment and the great results that can be expected. People of all ages are opting to have their teeth straightened using this treatment because it allows them to get on with their lives while still enjoying all the advantages of getting a great new smile. This is an explanation of what Invisalign is and details on why it is chosen by so many patients.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the company name for invisible braces. They are made up of clear trays of very soft plastic that are positioned over the teeth. These trays are also called aligners. Aligners are made to fit each patient individually and are changed every few weeks. The slight changes in size mean that they act as a tool to gradually move the teeth into the most desirable position.


For many people, the idea of getting braces is unappealing because they do not want the whole world to know they are getting treatment. Traditional braces might be very effective, but for the self-conscious teenager, they are something that inspires a lot of concern about how they look. If the young person is already worried about their smile due to having misaligned teeth, then very visible braces are only going to add to that. Clear braces are an excellent solution in many cases, as no one need know that the teen is having treatment unless they choose to share this information.

People who are interested in improving their smile as adults or older people may feel a little embarrassed at the idea of having obvious orthodontic treatment. This may be due to the fact that this kind of treatment is often seen as being the preserve of young people. Invisalign offers a means of getting the straight teeth the patient has always wanted without them having to explain themselves to work colleagues or friends.



Treatment with more traditional kinds of braces can take years in some cases. While the length of time a patient needs to wear clear aligners does vary depending on their individual circumstances, it is usually a much quicker process. Rather than years, many patients find that they have the smile they want after just a few months.

No diet restrictions

Fixed braces usually require the patient to make a few changes to their diet. Some foods and drinks have to be avoided entirely for the duration of treatment. However, the patient with invisible braces does not have to change what they eat at all. In fact, they can include any food in their diet, including new and untried items. This allows them to have a great level of freedom during treatment and to continue to enjoy life as before.

However, it is worth issuing a note of caution. While the patient can eat whatever they want due to the fact that the braces are removable for mealtimes, they do need to exercise some self-discipline. This is because the braces must be worn for the majority of every 24-hour period if the best possible results are to be expected.

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