Why A Great Smile Is So Important

woman smiling

Many of us love a great smile, but have you ever wondered why having a great-looking smile is so important? The Oral Health Foundation tells us that a smile should be considered a desirable personal asset. It is hard to disagree with this perspective when you think about the doors of opportunity a warm and engaging smile can open for you.

A smile is the easiest way to convince another person to form a favourable impression of you, whether this is to prove your friendliness, confidence or capability.

The smile may be a simple biological reflex, but it can speak volumes, prompting feelings of happiness and joy within oneself and others. There are also those who make a living off of their attractive smiles. Consider for a moment the careers of good looking people in the media and entertainment industry; an attractive dental appearance is a must-have to launch a career in the spotlight.

We have become a society obsessed with appearance, and we tell our stories by posting selfies on social media. One research study states that in the UK alone, a person on average takes over 450 selfies a year. It is thus not surprising to find that, today, orthodontics Navan is one of the most sought after dental treatments in demand. Teeth straightening treatment plans focus on improving both functional and aesthetic dental challenges.

Rewards that encourage us to smile more

We know that a smile makes us look attractive, but there are many more reasons why smiling is good for us and why we should engage in smiling more often.

Smiling makes us feel better, and it helps us to look after our mental and emotional health. Thanks to the chemical changes that take place in the brain when we smile – the production of good-feeling neurotransmitters – we feel more joyful and positive. This positive change takes place even when a smile is forced in the absence of a joyful moment. What makes this even more remarkable is that this effect is mirrored in others upon seeing a smile. So, it is no wonder that many promote smiling and laughing as good stress-busting techniques.

woman with good smile

Smiling contributes to a happy heart. By producing endorphins responsible for us feeling happy, the body also benefits from increased blood flow and improved blood pressure levels. Improving blood pressure levels translate into the reduction of cardiovascular problems.

Smile and you strengthen your immune system; along with endorphins, smiling also triggers the release of serotonin – a chemical associated with the body’s ability to fight off infection and illness.

Researchers have also established a link between smiling and productivity and performance. It seems that to perform better, no matter whether this is at work or on the sports field, we need to think more positively. Positivity is that magic link that makes us want to achieve.

With so many positive benefits to physical and emotional health, it is quite clear how smiling can lengthen one’s life expectancy. This makes a powerful argument to reap more rewards from smiling.

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