When A Helping Hand Is Needed


Many people simply don’t know the full extent of their rights when it comes to many legal matters and this can have devastating consequences on their wellbeing, financial security and future.

Whether an individual needs advice and guidance regarding their rights for a personal injury, divorce, wills or any other legal matter, then speaking to professional solicitors in Portsmouth is going to give them the confidence, support and knowledge that they need in order to ensure that they are treated correctly in the eyes of the law.

For example, many individuals do not understand their rights when it comes to their children following a divorce and fathers, in particular, suffer by initially agreeing to conditions that do not need to be as one-sided as they are.

Father’s rights

Father’s rights do not need to be diminished following a separation and they are still entitled to have a say in the upbringing of their child, owing to their Parental Responsibility. This right is always given to mothers, but not always to fathers, although, each party does need to advise one another on any major decisions and often requires consent which can be worked out either personally or with the advice of a lawyer if it needs to come to that.

This responsibility is a duty and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In some circumstances, grandparents are also entitled to a certain degree of say or at the very least, contact with their grandchildren. This can be approached in a legal fashion as well should grandparents find that they are being overly limited.

In this instance, it is simply an understanding of knowing one’s rights when it comes to children or grandchildren and a little helping hand in regards to enforcement should there be a disagreement. Professionals simply work in the best interests of the children and seek to not involve them whenever possible to limit any kind of trauma.

All children have the right to spend time with their family, both immediate and extended and it is viewed as healthy and constructive to do so. Should there be no reason why children are withheld from spending time with their parents or grandparents and if it will not put their wellbeing or safety in harm’s way, then lawyers are able to move forward to gently yet firmly remind individuals that personal issues with one another should not translate into a child’s ability to form and nurture relationships with family members.

Any other examples of not knowing one’s rights?

man feeling stressed out

Perhaps one of the most common oversights is regarding personal injury, where many people don’t know to claim back medical bill expenses for injuries that they sustained through no wrongdoing of their own.

By taking a good look at examples online, for instance, one can enlighten themselves to the many opportunities that are available to them in regards to ensuring they do not need to be out of pocket through the fault of another.

A professional will be able to quickly determine whether a claim has any enforceable right and will be able to support their client into ensuring that they receive what they deserve.

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