What is virtual reality?

virtual reality

Virtual reality refers to a simulated environment that enables people to experience a unique situation that is either similar or different to the real world. People who attend a virtual reality experience in London will be able to choose from a wide selection of options depending on their mood and what they are looking to do that evening.

At the virtual reality experience people will operate different equipment that will enable them to enter a different world, move and walk around in it and interact with others in the virtual reality experience and with other features within the world. Depending on what interests a particular person virtual reality experiences are available in most major cities now.

What are the different types of virtual reality?

virtual reality

There are many different types of virtual reality experience to be had. One of the most basic types of virtual reality is known as the diorama. This situation arises where a 3D environment is created and it enables people to observe the world from a third-person, outsider, perspective.

Another common type of virtual reality is first-person experience. This enables customers to be more involved in the virtual reality world and they can move freely and explore the universe they have entered in the form of an avatar.

An interactive virtual environment is very similar to the first-person experience with the addition that the customer has more options and features available to them. There is more interaction with other characters within the universe and customers will be able to communicate and respond to the other characters. Often customers are given tasks to complete which enable them to build up scores to add further interest to the virtual reality experience.

‘Riding on rails’ is a unique experience that enables customers to be transported through the universe. Customers will be seated for this particular virtual reality experience and can watch whilst the environment surrounding them changes. Common riding on rails experiences include roller coaster rides, giving customers a thrill, where the customers will feel that they are on a ride, but in actual fact seated static in their position. Alternatively these particular experiences can be less eventful with slower motions and movements.

Social virtual reality enables customers to interact by speaking with other users and avatars within the universe, creating an exciting social experience for all involved. Game and virtual reality lovers will surely have an enjoyable experience and hours of fun.

Who is virtual reality for?

Virtual reality experiences are essentially designed for everyone of all age groups. There is a limitless number of virtual reality experiences available, which means that the possibilities are endless and there is something available for everyone. Customers can go to virtual reality experiences individually or in groups and enhance their experience further. As technology improves in this field there will be even more virtual reality experiences that will enable customers to explore both virtual worlds and the wonders of the real world even further. And VR will become used in even more settings.

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