Watery Eyes: When Should You Go to the Doctor

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Have you ever experienced a lot of tears in your eyes even though you’re just having your daily dose of Vitamin D? Did you experience it when headlights flashed into your eyes while you were taking out the garbage at night?

Well, you experienced a case of watery eyes. Watery eyes develop when you produce a lot of tears that overwhelm your tear ducts. There are many causes for watery eyes, and they often don’t require any treatment.

So, how will you know if you need to see a doctor due to watery eyes? Well, we’ll discuss watery eyes, their causes, and when you need to go to the doctor to have it treated.

Causes of Watery Eyes

Tears are made of water and salt. They ensure our eyes are free of foreign particles and keep them lubricated. Tears also protect our eyes from infection. Each time you blink, tears spread throughout your eyes to keep them moist. While watery eyes disappear without receiving treatment, there are instances when you need to go to a doctor to take care of them.

Some common causes of watery eyes include:


People with allergies normally ignore their effects on the eyes. Aside from sneezing and coughing, allergies can also cause watery eyes. These are normally resolved using antihistamines and eye drops. If these don’t work, you can get allergy shots from your doctor.

Dry Eyes

When your eyes get irritated, your immune system produces tears to respond to the irritation. The condition will also cause a stinging sensation and issues with your vision. Artificial tears can help ease this condition if it’s a mild case. But you may also take prescription medication to resolve it.

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

Pink eye is an inflammation affecting a thin clear tissue lying over the white part of your eye. It lines the inside of your eyelids. When you have this condition, your eyes will look pink and it will have a lot of tears. Treatment of allergic conjunctivitis requires a visit to your doctor since it will depend on what caused it.

Eyelid Issues

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There are also instances when you have issues with your eyelids. Your eyelids drain extra tears from your eyes. But they will perform this function if they sag or if they turn outwards. This causes watery eyes. You may need to visit your doctor to help you with this issue.

Ingrown Eyelashes

Your eyes will also get irritated if your eyelashes rub against your eyes. In these cases, your eyes get irritated and extra tears will form. It will be necessary for your doctor to remove any ingrown eyelashes to deal with this issue.

Blocked Eye Ducts

Your eye ducts drain away tears into your nose as part of the cleaning process of your eyes. But when these ducts get blocked or become narrow, your tears will back up and cause watery eyes. It will also irritate your eyes or infect them. When this happens, you should visit your doctor, who will flush your eye ducts with saline and remove any obstructions.

When to Visit a Doctor

Not all causes of watery eyes require you to visit your doctor. But you may have to set an appointment with your doctor to deal with the issue if you experience visual problems, irritation caused by chemicals, swelling of the eyes, and chronic watery eye problems.

In these cases, your doctor will have to check your eyes and make the necessary recommendations. These recommendations can range from prescribing medication to deal with the issue or minor surgery in the case of eyelid problems or even when you have blocked eye ducts.

Watery eyes are conditions that can be resolved naturally, but there are instances when you need to see your doctor to resolve any lingering conditions.

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