Migraine Remedies: Unusual Ways People Manage Their Migraines


Headaches can happen every once in a while. But some people experience an excruciating, throbbing, or pulsating headache that usually lasts for a few hours to days. Those who are unfortunate enough to experience migraine would often suffer from this condition for a very long time.

Migraines can do more than just cause you extreme pain and discomfort in your head. The usual symptoms associated with migraine often include visual disturbances, facial tingling, and difficulty speaking. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, up to a billion people suffer from migraine worldwide.

Since migraine can cause excruciating pain that can last for quite some time, this can ruin one’s productivity. It becomes extremely hard to focus and be productive when you are experiencing migraine. While there are some medications offered to lessen the symptoms of migraine, many found that sticking to unusual remedies helped them greatly in managing migraine symptoms.

The following are four unusual remedies people found effective for their migraine.


Who would have guessed that sticking specialized needles can help with your migraine? A systemic trial shows acupuncture is one of the best alternative medicine in reducing the frequency and in alleviating pain associated with migraine headaches. How acupuncture works can oftentimes be mind-blogging.

Specialized needles are inserted in certain pressure points. This aims to stimulate one’s central nervous system. This, in turn, helps in releasing chemicals in the body that changes that stimulate our body’s natural healing abilities.

No one knows how acupuncture helps in decreasing or easing migraines. One theory is that it helps in turning off the pathways in the brain responsible for pain. With regular visits to a reliable practitioner, one can experience reduce symptoms and relaxation after each session.


Tinted Glasses

Certain chronic conditions like light sensitivity can cause migraines. People have different migraine triggers. For some, extremely bright light can trigger their migraines.

Sunlight and artificial lighting that gives off dangerously high levels of wavelengths. This can trigger or worsen one’s migraine symptoms. One thing that helped many reduce their symptoms is by using tinted glasses.

FL-41 tinted glasses are specially designed glasses that aim to help people suffering from photophobia and migraines manage their symptoms better. Such glasses work under the concept of precision tinting. BY reducing the amount of light that enters the eyes, one’s sensitivity to light is reduced.


People who would consider botox treatment would often make the investment for the sake of beauty. After all, botox is known for helping soften and relax muscles, thus reducing the signs of wrinkles. But for a growing number of consumers, they are now investing in botox for migraine relief.

Botox injections are now used to treat other conditions like neck spasms, lazy eye, overactive balder, and even migraines. Experts believe that botox can help in managing severe migraine attacks. For most people, at least two cycle treatments are enough to effectively manage their migraines.

Note that such a procedure is only approved by the Food and Drug Association for chronic migraines. This means one can only get botox for migraines if they often experience migraine for more than 15 days a month. This is not recommended for other types of headaches.

Daith Piercing

Not all piercings are the same. Most people use this technique to express themselves or for aesthetic purposes. For some, they are using daith piercing as a way to prevent and help with their migraines.

Daith piercing is a kind of piercing placed in one’s helix. This is the cartilage ridge inside the outer ear that ends above your ear canal’s opening. The theory is that this trigger point has the ability to prevent migraines permanently.

Daith piercing became popular in the mid-2010s. One downside of daith piercing is that it can take a long time to heal. For most people, they had to wait for months and take great care of their daith piercings before it heals fully.

With daith piercing, the vagus nerve is stimulated. This is the same nerve acupuncturists target when it comes to patients wanting relief from migraine. For those who would rather have their ear pierced than have needles stuck into them, they are choosing daith piercing as their go-to choice.

Migraine attacks can be a nuisance. You are in great pain and discomfort, your productivity drops, and you find it hard to fulfill your activities of daily living. Thankfully, there are some ways you can consider trying to help with your migraine symptoms. When regular pharmaceuticals don’t work, you can always try some alternatives and see which ones can help you with your migraine attacks.

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