Unsure about how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles? 5 FAQs about dermal fillers answered

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While the ageing process can be beautiful for many people (who doesn’t want to have silver hair?), the lines and wrinkles that accompany such beauty can often cause many to feel insecure about their appearance.

Of course, gaining lines makes a person look more refined, wiser and altogether more distinguished but, while you can dye your hair to conceal the silver, you cannot simply put a cream onto your face to conceal the wrinkles.

And, if you are reading this article, you have probably tried every anti-ageing beauty cream, serum and massage technique that exists, only to find the results are a bit less impressive than advertised. So, is there a way to reduce the appearance of the lines without opting for a traditional facelift?

Yes, there is! A popular option for many people is to try dermal fillers. Without surgery, anaesthetic or scarring, these simple injections reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your skin looking smoother and refreshed.

Want to learn more? Do you have some questions about the use of dermal fillers? Read on!

How do they work?

In the advancing years, the body begins to naturally produce less collagen and hyaluronic acid which, in short, creates the smooth, plump skin associated with a youthful appearance. This causes wrinkles, sagging and drooping to occur. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid and, once injected, boost your body’s production of collagen too.

Is there any downtime?

As this is a non-surgical option, there is no downtime to worry about. In fact, as this treatment on average takes less than an hour, you can even fit it into your lunch break and go about your day as usual once it is complete!

What should I avoid after the injections?

Just because there is no downtime post-injection does not mean there are no steps that you need to follow to increase the longevity of the fillers. Avoid applying excessive amounts of pressure to the injection sites and surrounding areas for a few days, as this can cause the fillers to separate. Avoid tanning beds or sunbathing as, once again, these activities can have a detrimental impact on how long the fillers last. Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours post-injection, as these activities can increase any underlying inflammation, which can delay the natural healing process.

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How long do they last?

If injected by trained professionals, fillers should last anywhere from 6-18 months. However, this time will vary based on your age, your metabolic rate, the area that was injected (around the eyes has a shorter lifespan than the jowls) and of course, your lifestyle. As mentioned before, if you smoke or drink excessively, the fillers will break down sooner.

Can I have the treatment repeated?

Many people find that they would like a top-up treatment once the effects of the first have worn off. This can be performed, usually, a minimum of 6 months after the first set of injections has been completed.

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