Am I too old for Invisalign aligners?

middle aged woman trying out aligners

So many adults in the UK go through their lives feeling unhappy about their teeth, and it is sad for anyone to have to feel unhappy about the skin they’re in. With the development of clear aligners there has been a new wave in orthodontic treatments happening for people of all ages and it is more common than ever for adults to finally be getting the teeth straightening treatment they have always wanted. If this sounds like it could apply to you, then fear not, here’s all you need to know on adult Invisalign treatment.

Who can have Invisalign?

There’s no upper age limit on who can have the Invisalign system, however, there are lower age restrictions as patients’ teeth need to be fully developed in order for the system to work. So don’t worry, if you’re far into adulthood this could work for you.

What can Invisalign treat?

dentist trying to put an aligner to a patient's teeth

Invisalign is a fantastic system, designed to fix a multitude of issues including movement of the jaw. Depending on how severe the problem is – Invisalign, like other teeth correction systems, can attach rubber bands which assist in the moving of jaws.

Crowded teeth can come in all sorts of shapes and forms, if you have severe overcrowding it may be that you need to have some teeth removed before Invisalign in St John’s Wood treatment starts. However, this treatment can address mild to moderate cases of overcrowding.

Invisalign can also close gaps between teeth, but again there are limitations depending on how large the gap is. Some gaps are just too big for the system, so you may need to go for another option. If, however, your gap isn’t too large, the aligners work in stages and each new set can move your teeth approximately 0.2mm.

For lots of people, correcting their bite is why they opt for teeth straightening later. Invisalign is an excellent way to correct this issue. Correcting your bite is important, as if you don’t do so the condition can, over time, cause damage to your teeth and gums and even impact your appearance.

Why opt for Invisalign?

When it comes to correcting teeth as an adult, most people want to find a system that is going to easily adapt to their lifestyle. Invisalign is a leader in this field. Firstly, and most obviously, the benefit of them is they are pretty much invisible whilst you’re wearing them. Unlike other brace systems they are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. The second benefit is function, they are removable and although you need to be wearing them for 22 hours per day, they do allow for removal whilst eating and cleaning. This enables patients to continue with their current diet, but also helps in avoiding developing gum disease and decay during the straightening process. What it also allows for is on very special occasions, like weddings and birthdays, patients can remove them. And finally they are quick, now of course this does have links to the severity of the case they are treating, but it’s very common for simple cases to have the results wanted in as little as six months.

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