Ready For The Big Day: Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

pregnant woman with child

Pregnancies can be delicate things. With life growing inside of you, you should be more careful about your health. It will affect the child’s condition, and better health will ensure that you have no problems during the delivery. It is not as simple as it sounds, especially if it is your first pregnancy. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy through the nine months.

Feed Yourself Properly

The first thing that you should be doing is to eat properly. If you were eating sparingly before your pregnancy, you should change that habit. Now that you have a child growing inside of you, you are now eating for two people. If you count calories, you must eat an additional 300 calories per day. All of that will go to your growing baby. You will also likely be feeling cravings and increased desire for more portions.

That is your body telling you what you need, so be ready to meet those needs. But don’t just eat empty calories. Ensure that you have a healthy serving of vegetables and protein. You should also stay hydrated since your body will need a lot of fluids. Finally, never skip any meals. This deprives your body of the needed nutrients.

Regular Checkups

Another requirement of your pregnancy is the need for regular checkups. Your doctor needs to know your condition so that they can give good advice. In the first seven months, you should be taking trips to the doctor every month. For the final stretch, every two weeks is what you should aim for. Besides giving you an idea of your condition, the clinic should have ultrasound scan services so that you can get a peek at your baby before birth. Additionally, always have the doctor’s number handy so that you can immediately call them when necessary.

Get The Right Supplements

One subject that you should be discussing with your doctor is the need for supplements. Traditionally, women get their pregnancy nutrients from the food they eat. But eating can’t provide everything, especially if the pregnancy is demanding. Several nutritional supplements will make your life easier while also reducing the need for you to gorge on food. First, there is iron. Iron is necessary for making hemoglobin, which is what delivers oxygen to various parts of your body, as well as the baby. Next, there is calcium, which helps build bones. This results in high demand from your child as it builds itself up. Finally, folic acid is necessary to help build up the child’s brain and spine.


Keep Exercising

While the baby bump can be a challenge, you still need to get your body moving and in good condition. As long as you avoid any intense exercise, you should be fine. Exercise helps since it can help reduce a lot of pregnancy pains and improve your mood. Additionally, it ensures that your body is in condition for quick recovery after birth. Yoga and Pilates programs that are specially modified for pregnancies can help retain flexibility and strength.

Sleep Enough

You will be feeling sleepy a lot during your pregnancy. This is your body’s way of telling you that it needs rest. Take note of this and start a regular sleeping schedule. No more late nights, and ensure that you sleep the full eight hours. Remember to sleep on the left side of the body since it allows for better blood flow and can make carrying the body weight easier.

Know What To Avoid

There are a lot of things you should be avoiding as a pregnant woman. Alcohol is at the top of the list. The substance can easily be passed to the baby and cause a variety of mental defects. Additionally, any form of recreational drugs is also out. Even medical drugs need to pass through your doctor before you use them.

Next, there is nicotine. Smoking can be very bad for children, and nicotine is the cause of it. Premature birth and ill health can follow a baby with a smoking mother. Finally, high caffeine consumption increases the chance of miscarriage. Lower your intake or eliminate it for your pregnancy. A cup of coffee a day should be enough.

It can be a challenge to get used to the changes in your body during your pregnancy. But proper care and good medical advice can be very effective in helping with that. Good prenatal care ensures that your child will be healthy when it finally arrives. When you finally hold them in your arms, you can be sure that all your sacrifices were worth it.

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