Are You Guilty of These Skin Care Sins?

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Normally, people already have a firm grasp of what the essentials for a skincare routine are. It all starts with avoid eating too much oily food, refraining from touching your face, and also sleeping with makeup on.

It is about staying clear of these bad skincare routines, and your skin would be smooth and glowing. It seems easy enough, right? Well, not quite, as other factors are contributing to the right and personalized skincare for you. If it is about cleaning your face, you would be frightened to know that some people get skin conditions from overdoing it.

Additionally, while it is noble that you have the restraint and discipline to avoid touching your face, these are not the only things that could cause pimple breakouts and acne scars. See, as opposed to what consumers think, skincare is more than your cleaning your face and applying products, it is about knowing your own body, and knowing the risks you could acquire outside your house. It also includes being a smart consumer, especially in this age of online shopping. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and therefore it needs only the best treatment there is. So, if you have been consistent with your skincare routine but still get breakouts, you might be doing something wrong. However, fret not because this guide can help you out.

Skincare mortal sins you need to stop doing

Not cleaning your face regularly

There is nothing more horrifying than waking up and rubbing your eyes only to feel sticky lids, and you would realize that you forgot to wash off your eyeliner and mascara.

See, not cleansing or even rinsing your face before bed is not good for your skin and pores, especially the thin and sensitive skin on your eyelids. This part of your skin is too delicate that you could get abrasions from too much rubbing.

So, to be safe, make it a nightly routine to wash your face right after supper of if you find yourself exhausted and knocked out from work, you could use a non-alcohol facial cleanser instead.

Overcleaning and overuse of exfoliants

We have mentioned overcleaning and now let us talk about over-exfoliating. Understandably, a newly exfoliated skin surface feels good to touch and feels good for your confidence. However, it is also important to remember that less is always more.

Excessive exfoliation causes skin irritation and rashes. It could activate your skin to over-produce oil to offset the moisture lost, thus causing an outbreak. If you are using the scrub too much, limit your use to one or two times a week. Remember that your skin is almost as thin as tissue, it needs soft and gentle touches.

skin care regimen

Using too many products

Layering your facial skin with items can seem like the best luxury, yet you have to learn how to do it and when you are overdoing it. Should you be using too many facial products, you are running the risk of having an allergic reaction, and if you have one, it can be almost difficult to pinpoint where your allergies are coming from. Perhaps it was just a bad chicken day.

Furthermore, these many skincare ingredients are not penetrating your skin deep enough as they should, and that ten-step skincare routine program could be all for nothing.

So, try cutting down on the allotted schedule by using the products you only need. Before you shop for a brightening barrier serum online, do not forget to check on its ingredients (that could clash with your existing products) to prevent any possible allergic reactions.

Scraping your skin and popping zits

This next one is a skincare practice that most people have done before. However, if you are still doing it, you need to stop. It can appear safe at first, but there are times, it winds up being a full-on scenario that no structure or concealer can easily reverse the effects. Popping your acne zits can bring about scarring that later could result in black spots in your facial skin.

Another thing is that all the stress you place on popping a pimple that isn’t ready to pop can trigger an infection, which, in turn, brings about a lot more complications and breakouts. So, leave the whitehead extractions for the professionals, who can and will draw out blackheads and dirt the easy and in the right way.

Skincare has been evolving with the times too, and there are more and more services and products added to the essentials you needed to know. However, what would your overcleaning matter if you are not even doing it properly?

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