Off the Beaten Path: Underrated Vacation Ideas to Try


Planning a vacation is never easy, especially when most options seem boring or overrated. Time off is supposed to be exciting, but the typical trip to the beach may seem more like a chore than an adventure. Skip the usual recommendations and go on a memorable trip. You don’t have to break the bank to go on an interesting vacation.

Here are some underrated vacation ideas to try out the next time you plan on going on a trip.

Go backpacking in the wild.

Lazing about next to a pool isn’t everyone’s idea of a good vacation. More active people tend to prefer trips that are filled with fun activities. If you’re looking for adventure, consider going backpacking. This combines hiking and backcountry camping for a different kind of exploring. As the name suggests, backpacking encourages you to keep all your essential items in a single backpack. This lets you be more mobile as you go from one place to the next.

Attend a relaxing retreat.

The daily grind can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Spend your vacation finding peace and relaxation. Different meditation and yoga retreats provide solace from the stresses of daily life. Most of these programs range from weekend getaways to month-long retreats. Choose one that suits your schedule and meets your needs. Some are even made to address specific problems, from beginner’s courses to self-healing seminars.

Try out glamping with friends.

Camping is a fun activity, especially when you want to sleep under the stars. But the discomfort of the outdoors often discourages people from trying it out. Fortunately, ‘glamping’ provides a good balance of outdoor living with the comforts of home. Businesses that specialize in this activity prepare everything for you beforehand. All you have to do is go to the designated campsite with your friends and enjoy the outdoors in luxury.

Vacation with friends

Book a luxury Airbnb.

Recently, Airbnb expanded its rental options to include luxury accommodations. ‘Airbnb Luxe,’ as it’s called, provides clients with top-of-the-line rentals in mansions, villas, and chalets. Live like royalty in your dream destination with this new service. Although pricier than the company’s regular rentals, it gives you the chance to experience something new.

Explore the seven seas.

If you are feeling indulgent, consider renting out a yacht. These days, several travel packages offer this service. You have the option to sail on a yacht for a day or to live in it for a week. Both options come with a full crew that will attend to you while you’re on-board. Some packages even let you come up with the itinerary so you have full control of where to sail to.

Sign up for a tour.

Coming up with activities to do while on vacation is just as hard as planning the trip. Signing up for a tour allows you to enjoy the whole trip without having to do much planning. These tours come with an itinerary, accommodations, transportation, and other necessities. All you have to do is follow the tour guide’s instructions.

Next time you are planning a vacation, consider these underrated activities. They’re different, active and you may end up wondering why you ever enjoyed doing something less exciting.

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