Moving Towards A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle: What You Can Do


Living a cruelty-free lifestyle is an admirable goal. But it can be a lot more difficult than it first seems. A lot of unintentional cruelty happens, and you do not want to support any of that. You need to be more careful about what you do if that is your goal. Here are several things you can do to shift your life for the better.

Check The Brand Of Clothes And Jewelry You Wear

There are some items of clothing and accessories that do not come from the most ethical sources. Some of them are sourced from the suffering of other living beings. For example, fur and feathers are usually taken from farms that have their source animals treated in not the best conditions. Even jewelry can have negative sources. Blood diamonds from conflict regions are a notable example. There are also brands that profit from sweatshop industries in the third world, where the employees do not get fairly paid or treated well. If you want to be sure what you are wearing comes from truly ethical sources.

Move Towards a Plant-based Diet

If possible, you should try to change your diet to something that uses less meat. While a completely vegan diet is best, it is possible to eat animal products minus the cruelty. For example, if you raise chickens at home, you can be sure about their quality of life and their treatment. The eggs they lay are ideal. Reducing your meat intake will also greatly reduce the chance of cruelty being part of your meals. If you do wish to eat meat, ensure that you are sourcing it from people you trust or even local farmers and butchers and not factory farms.

Use More Natural Beauty Products

When cosmetic companies make beauty products, they usually use chemicals. There are also those derived from animal products. Besides that, there is also the need for testing beauty products. The usual target is animals. The problem is that it can be dangerous to them. It is better if you looked for all-natural products that didn’t need any testing. Look for reviews and see what you can learn more about a product. For example, if you want the best vegan daily facial cleanser out there, you should consider asking around and searching for potential products to use.

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Learn To Reduce Your Waste

Many people assume that throwing garbage away is a victimless crime. However, it depends on what you threw away. For example, throwing plastic away can be cruel to wildlife. Plastic that ends up in the wild can be horrible for animals. For example, plastic has killed a lot of sea life. With its incredible durability, marine animals would eat them and choke on them. Deaths from plastic can be horrible for animals as they choke to death. Ensuring that dangerous waste doesn’t end up in the wild to hurt animals is a great way to prevent additional cruelty.

Adopt A Rescue Animal

You can also actively prevent animal cruelty by adopting a shelter pet. This is a better choice rather than turning to breeders or mills. Such situations are usually worse for those born into them. Shelter pets are cheaper, and rescue animals allow you to help them out. Additionally, you might encounter animals on the street that need help. Rescuing such animals can be a very satisfying feeling. But before you adopt a pet, you should be aware of how to take care of one properly. Providing them with a home and extra care can ensure that they experience a comfortable life.

Be Aware Of Where Your Money Comes From

Stocks and bonds may not seem like a source of cruelty, but they can be. If you invest in a company that exploits animals and ignores the suffering of others, then your revenue stream from your investments is tainted. If possible, you should reinvest in a more deserving company. This behavior is similar to how some countries have dumped their investments in fossil fuels. If you don’t believe and support cruelty, then you should be taking steps to ensure that your money isn’t being used for something you do not like.

It is possible to get through your life and completely avoid hurting other living beings, whether they are other human beings or animals. Knowing that you are living your life responsibly can be a big help and very reassuring. It will be a struggle at first, but knowing that you are living without the guilt of hurting anything can be worth it.

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