Is Invisalign Worth The Money?


If you’re contemplating Invisalign one of the biggest things crossing your mind is likely… is it worth the money? And with Invisalign cost London not being covered by the NHS it’s absolutely a fair enough question. Understanding the benefits of Invisalign is really important and also understanding what options are there to help with Invisalign Cost is also key. So here’s a quick guide to why Invisalign could be more worth it after all.

What Is Invisalign?

Just in case you aren’t 100% sure exactly what Invisalign is, let me explain. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that uses clear trays that are designed and made to fit over your teeth, these trays are made in a series so that you can slowly move your teeth into the new position.

Why Is Invisalign Worth It?

There are lots of amazing straightening options on the market and no one is better than the other, like all things that come down to personal taste and what is right for you and your dental story. There are some general positives that shine through if you opt for the Invisalign option.


A stand out feature of Invisalign is that the trays are completely removable. This means that the issues with oral hygiene that have plagued other forms of orthodontics are no longer an issue. Being able to reach your teeth and gums in order to get the bacteria out from your gum line is key if you want to avoid gum disease and decay. In the past, it’s been reported that patients have frequently suffered with gum disease post braces as they haven’t been able to clean properly.



The clue is in the name – Invisalign is well just that, basically invisible. The way the trays are designed so that they are barely noticeable when you’re wearing them. If you’re someone who’s self-conscious when it comes to the prospect of starting braces then Invisalign is a great system to settle the butterflies. What’s even better is that because the system is removable, if you have a super special occasion you can even remove them for the day so you’re photo ready with no fuss.


Invisalign is also simple in that you won’t need to visit the dentist for lots of appointments and if you take care of them, you won’t be in and out of the chair for fixing bits. They use a lower pressure system so they shouldn’t cause patients too much discomfort when they’re moving your teeth.

Alongside all this, what’s really great is you won’t need to avoid foods that are crunchy or hard such as apples and french sticks because you have to remove the trays for anything other than water you can carry on your diet preferences as before.


Though Invisalign isn’t available on the NHS you can from most practices get finance options that make it more accessible and affordable for all. If you’re thinking about Invisalign contact your practice to see if it’s available and if they do free initial consultations.

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