How You Can Stay Happy in Your Senior Years

Adult man with elderly parents

When the word “elderly” comes up, images of an uneventful existence can crop up. But nowadays, with more and more resources available for older people, entering your golden years has just gotten so much more exciting.

In many senior communities, like those in assisted living homes, activities are planned for the physical, emotional, and mental benefit of its residents.

These activities vary from home to home and based mostly on the needs and preferences of the senior, but here are a few of the most popular ones that are livening up senior living.

  1. Painting

Art has always been a fantastic medium of self-expression and therapy. It’s a laid-back activity that activates the right side of the brain that’s in charge of creativity.

Most senior homes offer painting classes that can be freestyle and flexible or even more disciplined with a set syllabus for those looking to learn professional tips and tricks.

For those with memory or speech problems, having a way to express what they mean visually is a great way to show them that they are heard and appreciated. Many seniors have even found renown in their art. Plus, it’s an engaging way to help with mobility.

  1. Poetry

Flexing your writing muscles is something you’re never too old to do. Poetry is a fantastic way to play with words and explore your vocabulary.

What traditional conversations may not be able to convey, the fluidity of poetry may be able to. Many homes have dedicated writing time for prose and poetry. Often, these writing exercises will help seniors to feel more confident in speaking, especially if they have suffered a cognitive issue that has affected their speech or memory.

  1. Tai Chi

A fantastic exercise that stills the mind and strengthens the body, the beauty of Tai Chi is that it only requires slow and deliberate movements but is an excellent way to keep the body moving.

Because of its naturally peaceful movements, this exercise is also great for promoting relaxation. Tai Chi helps improve blood flow, breathing, balance, and mental alertness. It helps center a troubled mind, which makes it even more ideal for those who may suffer from cognitive concerns, too.

  1. Dancing

Elderly exercising

Everybody loves a good dance party—especially seniors! Many centers offer more retro dance classes. Ballroom dancing is, without a doubt, one of the most popular options out there.

Dancing brings a wonderful nostalgic feeling while also serving as a cardiovascular activity. Dancing familiar numbers also encourages muscle memory, which can be closely linked to using one’s long-term and short-term memory. There are even senior dance recitals or competitions around the world.

  1. Pen Pals

The art of writing letters is said to have been lost in the digital age. But that does not mean that its value and charm have been forgotten.

Many seniors love getting mail, especially those who seldom get visitors. Writing letters lets them share their insights and tell stories that allow them to use their creativity and memory.

A pen and paper may not seem like the most powerful way of maintaining good mental health. But even that simple action lights up the brain and discourages it from falling limp to boredom or monotony.

Seniors are possibly the most curious and willing age group of all. With the right activities that keep them happy while increasing their mental acuity, we can see their golden years turn into possibly the best time of their long lives.

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