How You Can Boost Compliance of Dental Patients


No matter how hard you try to provide your patients with the best dental care, some find it hard to comply with your recommendations. Often, this is the reason your dental care plan fails and why patients eventually need a more intensive procedure.

If patient non-compliance is often one of your problems, then know you are not alone. But this does not mean you can simply give up in coaxing your patients to listen to your advice. By knowing the common reasons most dental patients fail to follow your recommendations, you can fight non-compliance and help them achieve their dental goals. Here are some reasons patients are, sometimes, not inclined to agree with your care plan and how to address each one.

Lack of complete trust

If your patients do not trust you completely, then you can expect them to go back to their old habits and not listen to your recommendations. Without trust, you cannot make them stop their bad dental habits. They may even choose not to undergo your proposed treatment no matter how badly they need it. To avoid this, make sure to establish rapport. You and your staff should give patients a warm welcome, be ready to accommodate requests, and answer all their questions promptly.


Discomfort caused by dental appliances

Many patients feel that dental appliances are unnecessary. Some even think these will only aggravate the problem, while others are afraid to wear them because of the pain and discomfort commonly associated with such appliances.

By educating your patient with the available options and the procedures they may need to undergo, you can help address their problems. You should also partner with a dental appliance lab that can supply custom Herbst and other appliances. This way, even if you have limited time to check on your patient, assess their needs, and address their issues, you ensure they are wearing their dental appliances because these are custom-built to suit their needs and offer them comfort.

Lack of funds

There are lots of patients who would want to comply with your recommendations. But one reason they fail to do it is due to their lack of funds. They may not have enough dental insurance to cover for their needed care. Others lack the cash in hand, thus making it hard for them to afford dental care. If this is the case for some of your patients, why not think of ways to make your services affordable for your patients?

One good way to do this is to consider adopting a flexible payment system for patients. Those with insurance policies that cannot cover their dental care may choose another payment option, such as installment programs. By offering treatment that they can pay in set intervals, you make it easier for patients to handle the costs. This also gives them more reasons to be loyal to your clinic and recommend your practice to their loved ones.

Lack of appreciation

Some dentists and orthodontists fail to appreciate their patients for any job well done. By acknowledging your patient’s willingness to be involved in their care, you can increase their compliance and boost their confidence. So, make sure to use words of appreciation and encouragement to all your patients. You can even write a simple note on their after-care card for them to remember to keep up with their excellent work.

​It can be hard to ensure your patients will listen to your advice. But it is better to find ways to address such an issue instead of giving up. This way, you can slowly find progress and encourage patients to be more compliant in the future.

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