How to Throw the Best Birthday Party Ever: Lockdown Edition

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In 2020, the majority of people celebrated their birthdays in quarantine. Probably a letdown for many. We could only hope for a better 2021, so we can party like rock stars again. But, that’s not guaranteed. ;

This pandemic should not stop anyone from having a fun birthday celebration. Amen? This is why we have collected some fun quarantined birthday ideas for adults. Don’t worry; these party ideas won’t make you break any pandemic guidelines and protocols.

1. Outdoor Movie Party

You don’t have to go too far to set this up. Pick a spacious, open area for this, your backyard, for instance. Set up a projector, and lay some comfortable blankets on the ground where your guests can sit. Remember to keep the numbers small and mind your distances. Set up a long table where your guest can pick up food and drinks by themselves. Add some string lights for a little intimate atmosphere.

The garage is a great location too. If you want to make it more creative, ask your guests to use the back of their cars while they watch the movie. Yeah, like a drive-in cinema.

2. Spa-Party at Home

When was the last time you have been to a real spa? Since spas are no exception in closing their businesses, due to the COVID-19, we can’t remember our last trip there either. Fortunately, you can still pamper yourself—the spa-like way—without leaving your house.

If you prefer a calm and chic atmosphere over a loud party, then this one for you. The fact that this can’t be done with a lot of people around makes it a great quarantined birthday celebration. And you can DIY this, too. Here’s what you will need:

  • A decorated facial treatment area
  • A facial bar
  • A calming music playlist
  • Some scented candles
  • Post-spa food and drinks

All these can be done by the family members.

But, if you ever want a next-level spa-party at home, have a massage therapist and the best acupuncturist in town to come over to your home. After all, you and your loved ones could use some stress-relief from what this pandemic has brought. If that does not sound like the best spa-party ever, we don’t know what is.

a couple during a video call

3. Host an Online Game Show

Just the name of the activity itself already sounds fun! Try game shows like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, or If the Price is Right. That’s going to be a blast party full of entertainment for everyone for sure. Everyone can join. Split them into teams and enjoy a friendly competition.

To make it more fun, prepare some prizes for your participants. Announce it before the game begins to motivate them. You can be creative with your prizes, and it can be a monetary price, too, that you can send online. No physical contact required!

4. Feed the Neighborhood

Birthday celebrations are not only about parties. It’s also about gratitude. Paying it forward is a great way to express that. Consider celebrating your birthday by sharing happiness with other people, too. Cook or order food for the family and for the neighbors. Pack the food and deliver it to their doorsteps. Just keep your distance when you do. And that is already a fun celebration.

This might not be so popular nowadays. But it’s your birthday, and so long as you wear a mask and keep your distance, you will be fine. Also, because it’s nice to put a smile on someone’s face with a slice of cake—especially during this uncertain time.

5. The Now Classic Zoom Party

This party is not just for adults; it can be for the kids, too. A virtual party is not just your best option during this challenging time to celebrate your birthday; it comes with a lot of benefits, too. Aside from being safe, a zoom party can save you time and money that goes to decorations and food preparations. And there is no pressure on your friends and family to show up with costly presents.

The best part of this is that anyone can join regardless of their location and time zone. Unless they’re in the middle of a jungle and can’t access the internet.

Even though social distancing is restricting all of us to celebrate our birthdays with a huge crowd, there are still many ways to make it fun and memorable, just like what we have listed above. And who knows, these activities can even be better than what we would do if it’s not the pandemic. After all, it’s the small stuff that counts the most.

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