The importance of having a dental website in this modern era


In this era of digital technology most people are searching for healthcare services online, including the dentist. When they type their query into Google they are presented with a list of dental websites for the most popular dental practices in the area which Google recognises as being able to find a solution for their question. It is important to have an excellent dental website in place so that you can be on that list also. Not only do you need to be on the list but you need to be as high up the list as you possibly can because research has shown that the majority of people only take into consideration the first few listings on the search results and either do not have the time to check out the rest or see the rest as irrelevant. Once a potential patient finds your name it is important that you have created a website which is bespoke, modern and highly attractive so that it helps you stand out from your competitors and helps convince visitors that you are the best dentist in your area.

Most dental practices have good dental websites in place, and this is the most effective way of attracting new patients. Even if a potential patient receives a postcard through the door for your dental practice then it is more than likely that they will type your name into Google first before they consider picking up the phone to give you a call. If you have not yet created a website for your dental practice or you have a website which needs updating and modernising, then most likely you are missing out on potential patients. You need to speak to an excellent dental marketing team immediately and put together your dental website as soon as possible, so that you are not missing out on any more patients to the other dental practices in your area.

What makes a good dental website?

Your website should differentiate you from your competitors and you should have a strong profile so that when a visitor lands on your homepage it leaves a lasting impression in their mind and they recognise your brand or your name the next time they see it. The majority of adults have a certain degree of reluctance towards visiting the dentist so it is unlikely that a patient will book an appointment the first time they visit your website. By leaving an impression in their minds and nurturing this by regularly updating your website or encouraging your visitors to sign up to your mailing list you will help them face their fears and address their dental issues by booking an appointment to visit you in person.

Your website should be made up of encouraging and interesting information with regards to the dental treatments and procedures that you offer. This content needs to be stimulating, educational, should be broken up using photographs, diagrams and videos where possible, including messages from you and your team to continue to reassure potential patients of the quality of the dental care that they will receive at your practice. Don’t forget to reassure them of your great customer service so that they are encouraged to visit you soon.

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