Good oral hygiene for a lifelong beautiful smile

The importance of visiting your dentist and looking after your teeth and gums

Clean teeth and healthy gums are an essential part of overall well-being and looking after our oral health effectively from an early age is important in preventing dental complications in the future. Despite having a good oral hygiene routine at home it is important to visit your dentist in Liverpool on a regular basis to make sure that you are cleaning your teeth effectively and that there are no underlying issues which you may be unaware of. Unfortunately many dental issues are asymptomatic until they have reached a degree of severity where they have spread throughout the mouth and may sometimes even result in tooth loss if the damage is irreversible. To prevent this, visiting your dentist at least every six months ensures that you have a full examination carried out of your teeth and gums making sure that they are strong and healthy.

Often your dentist will recommend an appointment with your hygienist. This involves further examination of your gums for any sign of disease and a professional cleaning of your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar which may have built up in your mouth.

Plaque and tartar, the troublesome two

Plaque and tartar are the main causes of most dental issues. Plaque is the sticky substance which is continuously forming on the surface of your teeth and can be removed with effective brushing. If plaque remains on your teeth, especially in those hard to reach areas, then it begins to harden and overtime develop into tartar. Tartar is a smooth substance which forms on the surface of your tooth and around the gum line, gives rise to the formation of more plaque and unfortunately cannot be removed by brushing at home. This requires professional cleaning by your hygienist in a process known as a scale and polish. Regular appointments with your hygienist make sure that your mouth is free of tartar and helps maintain clean teeth and healthy gums.

If left untreated, overtime plaque and tartar build up on your teeth and gums can result in cavities and tooth decay. It can result in gum disease, also known as gingivitis which can develop into a more serious disease known as periodontitis and these issues can eventually result in tooth loss.

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Missing teeth – a thing of the past

Tooth loss can be an extremely traumatic and uncomfortable and even embarrassing situation to find yourself in as an adult. Although it is a natural part of old age, most tooth loss can be avoided with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. If you have experienced tooth loss whether as a result of poor oral hygiene or in the event of an accident or injury then speak to your dentist to find out about the different treatment options available for tooth replacement therapy.

Advances in dental technology means that missing teeth are a thing of the past. It is important to speak to your dentist as soon as possible to keep your options open, relieve you of any discomfort, prevent any further damage to your surrounding teeth, restore the functioning of your mouth which may have been affected by tooth loss, improve the aesthetics of your teeth and help you smile happily and confidently again soon.

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