Enhancing Mobility in Older Adults

senior in walker

Mobility is an important factor in everyone’s life, but it becomes even more crucial as we age. As our bodies change, mobility also changes — sometimes for the worse. But that doesn’t mean that you’re powerless to do anything about it. Here are some home medical products that can help improve mobility in older adults and help them stay active and independent for as long as possible.

group of senior using cane

1) Walker

Reliable home medical products like this allow your loved one to move around freely without having to worry about falling over or getting tired easily. A walker provides stability so that they don’t have to rely on other devices like a cane or crutches when walking. They come with four legs- two of which are wheels, making it easy enough for your loved ones to move around.

There are also walkers with brakes for added security. Plus, there are many styles and colors to choose from; they’re not all the same. Look up adjustable, rolling, or even slip-resistant ones on Amazon or medical supply stores near you.

2) Rollator

A rollator is similar to a walker, except it has a seat for your loved ones to rest on while they’re walking around. It’s very sturdy and comes with wheels at the bottom that allow them to move around without pushing or pulling it along.

3) Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are great for improving flexibility, strength, and balance while also helping prevent falls. They can be used for many exercises like sit-ups, stretching, squats, and push-ups. Talk to your loved one’s doctor first before getting them an exercise ball to make sure it will help them improve their mobility.

4) Cane

This medical device is perfect for people who need a little more stability than a walker or rollator. A cane will allow them to move around easily while providing extra support for their weak joints or limbs. It’s best to get your loved one a lightweight one so it won’t be too strenuous on their arms when they have to carry it around wherever they go.

5) Overbed Table

If they like to cook, draw, read or do crafts at home, an overbed table will help improve their overall quality of life. It attaches to the side of a bed and is elevated so your loved one can accomplish everyday tasks from a seated position. They’re extremely helpful for people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed every day because they save them from moving to another chair or standing up.

6) Bath Bench

If your loved one struggles with bathing themselves, a bath bench can help make it easier for them to bathe both inside and outside the tub. It’s very sturdy and non-slip so that they’ll be safe while washing themselves. You can even find ones that come with armrests and adjustable legs to suit your loved one’s height.

7) Toilet Seat Riser

If they’re having trouble getting up and down off the toilet, a toilet seat riser can help make it easier for them to get in and out of the bathroom safely. They come with armrests and a handle so that it will be easier for your loved ones to pull themselves up and down.

8) Handrail

If they have trouble getting in and out of the stairs, a handrail will be very helpful. They can attach it to the wall by drilling holes with special screws so your loved one can easily grasp it when climbing up or down the stairs.

9) Bathtub Grab Bar

If they like to take baths but have a hard time getting in and out of the tub, a bathtub grab bar will help them tremendously. They’re very sturdy and come in all different styles so that you can find one that meets your loved one’s needs. It attaches with special screws on the wall and provides extra support when they’re in and out of the tub.

10) Toilet Seat

If your loved one struggles to get up and down off the toilet, a toilet seat with handles will be much easier. Just ensure they pick one that’s slip-resistant so that it won’t cause any problems while you’re helping them go to the bathroom. There are also locks on the front of it for added protection.

11) Food Scale

If your loved one has a hard time keeping track of how much food is in their dishes when cooking or serving themselves, a food scale will help them out immensely. You can measure out everything from vegetables to chicken and potatoes so that they’ll know exactly what they’re putting in their meals.

12) Toe Grips

If your loved one struggles with balance and slips a lot, these will help them tremendously. They attach to the bottom of shoes so your loved one can grip on surfaces like tile floors or carpets while walking around your house without falling.

Mobility is an important part of living independently. It’s no surprise that mobility begins to decline as people age, but many products improve it.

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