Dental Implants: How Are They Worth the Cost?


One of the first things that people tend to look at when we’re interacting with them is our smile. In most cases, this is what sets the first impression of a person. Having a full set of teeth when you smile is going to help you get lots of friends and business partners, but having rotten teeth can be a deal-breaker.

But no matter how we try our best to make sure that our teeth are in pristine condition, age isn’t a merciful maiden. While there’s no direct correlation between your teeth’s health and your age, the nerves in your teeth can become smaller as time goes by. Therefore, as you age, it might be harder to determine the overall health of the affected tooth when you can’t feel them. Regular dental visits or oral surgeries can help ensure that your teeth are in good condition.

Of course, there will be times that we’ll need to get a root canal treatment to save a tooth or even a tooth extraction if it’s needed. During your middle ages, it might seem like you’ll have a permanent hole on what was once a pulled tooth, but there are still ways of getting a new tooth in that area. Don’t worry. Dental implants are a guaranteed way of filling in the gap of that missing teeth. Not only will it have all the structure of a natural tooth, but it will blend in seamlessly and look natural.

Are They Worth It?


Since it does sound like an intricate process, it doesn’t just come for free. Often, most individuals will think twice before getting a dental implant since it will cost you a mind-boggling $3,000 to $4,500. However, don’t be too dismayed by that price tag. There are different ways of paying for that amount. It’s also worth noting that the price shouldn’t be the main concern for most individuals and that they should be more focused on the quality of the service that the professionals can give. Looking at several online reviews will provide you with a good impression of how they operate.

But to make the long story short, yes, it is worth it. It might have a hefty price tag, but that amount of benefits and advantages that you get from a dental implant can eventually help you save up money on what could be future dental operations.

  • Bone Health – Having a missing tooth can result in bone loss. While it may seem like your gums and jaws are healing right after a tooth extraction, a missing tooth can result in bacteria slowly eating away at the integrity of your jaw. Contrary to what most people think, dentures will only accelerate bone loss. This condition can be prevented by giving your jawbone a replacement tooth that has a natural root that will be able to exert pressure like a natural tooth.
  • Natural Set Of Teeth – Most of the time, senior citizens will usually opt for dentures since its a cheaper and more widely available alternative. Sometimes, relying heavily on dentures can build pressure, which can lead to complications. But with implants, you’ll have a natural set of teeth that will make your smile the brightest in the room.
  • Utilitarian Benefits – Aside from giving you a good aesthetically pleasing smile, your tooth is there to chew on things. A dental implant is more stable and durable than just having dentures since it’s infused with your jawbone. As long as you can continuously do maintenance on your implant, it can be as strong as your natural set of teeth.
  • Long-lasting Teeth – Usually, a standard set of dentures will last you around five to eight years after constant and heavy use. But when it comes to dental implants, they will last around 20 to 25 years, which makes one of the most long-lasting dental modifications.

If you think about it, getting a dental implant might cost more any other treatment or oral surgery there is, but it’s going to help you save more. Having a healthy, natural, and long-lasting tooth means that the chances of it getting damaged are at a minimum. As we grow older, our teeth will be more vulnerable to bone loss and damage, and having dental implants is one of the best ways of mitigating these types of damages.

Dental implants might have a hefty price, but it’s worth it. As technology and innovation progress, we are always improving in different ways of making our lives more convenient. 70 years ago, replacing a missing tooth with a completely new one wouldn’t have been possible. But now that we have technology and equipment, we can make the days of individuals bright, and they can smile even more brilliantly. 

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