Curious if Botox is right for you? 5 commonly asked questions answered!

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While there is undoubtedly a beauty and wisdom that accompanies the ageing process, if you are one of the many people who want to slow down the appearance of smile lines or wrinkles, there are a few ways you can do this.

Chances are, you have probably already tried a myriad of facial creams and even peels to get rid of those oh-so-stubborn smile lines, to minimal or no avail, leaving you to wonder if it is worth having a surgical procedure performed. But before you rush to book a facelift, please note that there are many ways you can minimise the appearance of wrinkles, and interestingly, many of these non-surgical procedures can be performed at your local dental surgery.

Everything from dermal fillers to Botox Kent can now be offered by many dental clinics, as dental professionals have the required medical training and are regulated to be able to offer these procedures. Brilliant!

When it comes to Botox, many people have questions which they want answered before booking the appointment. In this article, 5 of the most commonly searched questions about this procedure are answered, helping you decide if it is for you and making sure your decision is informed.

How does it work?

Botox  works via a series of small injections into predetermined parts of the face. The underlying compound in the injections temporarily prevents your facial muscles from contracting as they once did, stopping any already present wrinkles from deepening.

After a few weeks, the effects of these injections will become apparent, allowing your skin to look smoother and plumper.

Will the injections hurt?

No, the injections should not be painful, but you may feel a sensation similar to a very mild bee sting when they are being applied.

If you notice any intense sensations during or after the injections, alert your dental team.

doctor injecting botox

Will the results look unnatural?

A key benefit of a dental professional applying these injections is that they have an understanding of the anatomy of the face and so, the end result is a more natural look.

If you are unhappy with the final result, it is important to note that it cannot be reversed in the way that fillers can, but the effects are temporary. Seek out a more experienced clinic if you want to have the injection reapplied in the future and lodge a complaint with the surgery who performed the injection.

How long do the effects last?

On average, the effects last between 3-4 months, but this will depend on how much was applied, your age and your lifestyle choices post-injection. For instance, if you smoke, it is more likely that the results will reverse faster than if you don’t, so discuss the impact of your lifestyle choices on these injections with your dental team.

Can I have it reapplied if I want to?

Yes! Provided that the initial injections have worn off, you can have these injections reapplied if you wish; there should be a 6 month period between injections.


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