Great Career Options in Health and Wellness

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With the advent of the coronavirus, jobs in health and wellness are more needed than perhaps at any other moment in our history. If you want to contribute to society while at the same time earning a living, here are three options to look into.

Online Personal Trainer

The health and wellness industry has been one of the hardest hit by the covid-19 global pandemic. When it comes to retail services, dozens of gyms, spas, and fitness and rehabilitation centers have closed, and hundreds of health industry employees have lost their jobs or currently find themselves working part-time and struggling to make ends meet.

Luckily, through the chaos, there has been a rapid growth in online services. In part, thanks to presentation and videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet, many individuals in the health and wellness field have been able to maintain a stable source of income to provide for themselves and their families.

If you are interested in a career in health and wellness, a great idea is to become an online personal trainer. It is a growing market filled with opportunities for people willing to work hard and provide excellent service. And if you are one already but haven’t worked because of the pandemic, you can always look into an AFAA recertification program that will not only provide you with a solid foundation for your work but also a sense of trustworthiness and reliability that comes with being certified by a professional organization.

Community Health Worker

community health worker

Working as a community health worker will not make you a millionaire, at least not anytime soon. If money is what you are looking for, it would be much better to gather your savings or get a loan from a bank or other financial institution and enroll in medical school. While the time it takes to become a licensed doctor is usually more than a decade and the cost high, once you start working, you will make a great living based on the area you decide to focus on and the level of expertise you have.

Still, oftentimes, things are more valuable than a substantial amount of income and the perks that come along with it. Sometimes the reward that comes with knowing you are providing hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals with a much-needed benefit is much greater than any number of dollars. Of course, doctors also help people as that is the most important aspect of their work. But many times, they don’t do so at such a large scale and with such an incredible direct impact on public health and well-being.

As a community health worker, your main task is to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and the people who need their services most. In many cases, these individuals are women, members of minority groups, the poor, the aging, and other disenfranchised communities who would greatly benefit from your assistance.

Jobs in Corporate Health

In the east Asian nation of Japan, there is a word called Karoshi, a term that can be translated literally into “overwork death.” Having suffered from the brutal effects of World War 2 and the aftermath of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese citizens were determined to rebuild their country and succeed no matter the cost. As fate would have it, rapid technological, social, and economic development did not come without a price. And the highly advanced, clean, modern, safe, and thriving Japan that we see today took an enormous toll on generations past.

Japan is slowly changing, as are other countries like Germany and Singapore, nations that emphasize hard work. They are beginning to understand that an unhealthy employee can only be productive for so long, and no matter how loyal to the organization or how motivated they are, at some point, the body and mind will give up, and the entire system will collapse.

Therein lies the importance of a corporate health and wellness manager. Aside from putting in place the mechanisms that will guarantee adequate working conditions for all employees on their health, he will also be responsible for developing new ideas to assist the workforce in their physical conditioning and mental well-being. For instance, he can help the organization establish exercise programs or weight loss initiatives that are fun and beneficial to all employees.

Three excellent options for people looking to work in health and wellness are an online personal trainer, a community health worker, or an individual specializing in corporate health and well-being. They are all rewarding professions that will bring you stability, success, and the pride and happiness of knowing you are making the world a better place.

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