Can Local Urgent Care Be as Good as the Hospital?

Have you ever wondered why more people are choosing urgent care over going to a hospital’s ER (emergency room) for less serious health issues? In this video, the reporter goes into exactly why lots of folks are heading to their local urgent care instead of the hospital when they’re sick but it’s not too serious. 

To begin the reporter shows a hospital that made its urgent care look a bit like a hospital’s ER but without the long waits and high costs. The doctor who runs it used to work in a hospital ER but gave the idea that urgent care is a smart idea for helping people fast and without making them pay too much.

Video Source

They even have a neat feature where you can pick your visit time online, making it super easy for folks who are always on the go.

However, the reporter also makes it clear that local urgent care isn’t for really bad emergencies. If something serious happens, like a bad accident or someone can’t breathe, bleeding, or chest pains the hospital is still the place to go. Being able to have different options like urgent care for the smaller emergencies, can help keep the hospital’s ER ready just in case anyone needs immediate help.

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