American Wholefoods Cuisine Sample Recipes

The sample menus in American Wholefoods Cuisine are designed to help orient you in preparing vegetarian wholefoods meals and to simplify what is often the cook’s greatest dilemma – planning the menu. We have provided many possibilities within each sample menu so that the meal can reflect your personal taste preferences and still be nutritionally and aesthetically balanced.

Here are just a few of the many meals you can put together using the recipes in American Wholefoods Cuisine. The book includes many more sample menus like these, along with additional menu suggestions that accompany many of the recipes.

(Number in parenthesis refers to page recipe appears on.)

Menu 1

Quick Calzone (page 33) or Individual Bean Pizza (page 34)
Tomato-Mushroom Salad (page 297) or Italian Tomato Salad (page 299)

Menu 2

Mom’s Thick Split Pea Soup (page 100) or African Bean Soup (page 103)
Rice-Corn Muffins (page 329) or House Corn Bread (page 330)
Peanut Butter Complements (page 31) or a mound of cottage cheese

Menu 3

Fresh Tomato Pita Pizza (page 33) or Biscuit Crust Pizza (page 220)
Three-Bean Salad (page 65) or Avocado-Bean Salad (page 261)

Menu 4

Main Dish Stir-Fry (page 42) over brown rice or Woodstock Rice and Vegetables (page 188)
Chopped fresh cabbage with Lemon-Tahini Dressing (page 290) or Creamy Carrot Dressing (page 291)
Bread and Spread (page 50)

Menu 5

Eggplant Cutlets (page 140) or Eggplant Ratatouille Pie (page 242)
Cracked Wheat Pilaf (page 48)
Mideast Chickpea Salad (page 261)
Pita Bread (page 337)

Menu 1

Baked Broccoli and Cheese Casserole (page 152) or Baked Spinach and Feta (page 153)
Fresh Ginger Carrots (page 238) or Sweet Baked Squash (page 252)
Steamed Barley Salad (page 263) or Orange-Wheat Salad (page 270)
Bran Muffins (page 328) or All-Soy Muffins (page 329)

Menu 2

One-Pot Baked Macaroni and Cheese (page 39) or Pasta with Creamy Spinach (113)
Baked Parsley Tomatoes (page 254)
French Mushroom Salad (page 297) or Cabbage-Carrot-Bean Salad (page 303)
Soy Biscuits (page 326) or Herbed Oat Bread (page 339) or Rye Bread Sticks (page 347)

Menu 3

Bean Burgers (page 196) or Soyburgers (page 196)
English Muffins (page 343) or Burger Buns (page 446)
Corn on the Cob (page 50) or Crispy Fried Onions (page 346) or Fried Zucchini (page 253)
Toasted Seeds and Spinach Salad (page 298)

Menu 4

Baked Mushrooms or Stuffed Clam Shells Areganata (page 86) or Stuffed Artichokes (page 86)
Pasta with Onion Sauce (page 114) or Linguini Country Style (page 115)
Caesar Salad (page 296)
Italian Bread (page 340)

Finger Foods

Trimmed Bread Shapes with Peanut Butter Complements (page 31)
Popped Corn (page 348)
Popcorn Balls (page 349)
Snacks (page 349)
Crunchy Pretzels (page 351)

Table Foods

Fresh Tomato Pita Pizzas (page 33)
Souffléed Cheese Sandwich (page 34)
Bean Tacos (page 36)


Favorite Fruit Salad (page 60)
Frozen Banana Pops (page 352)
Frozen Strawberry Yogurt (page 364)


Giant Twinkie (page 383)
Carrot Cake (page 386) with Cream Cheese Frosting (page 415)
Carob and Chocolate Cupcakes (page 391)


Seltzer Fizz (page 417)
Lemonade (page 417)
Party Punch (page 418)

Here are some vegetarian foods that can be cooked on the grill.

Vegetable Kebabs (page 172)
Outdoor Mixed Grill (page 173)
Tempeh Kebabs (page 42)
Bean Burgers (page 196)
Soyburgers (page 196)
Cashew Burgers (page 197)


The Standard Baked Potato (page 53)
Baked Asparagus (page 232)
Barbecued Corn (page 239)
Campfire Ratatouille (page 242)
Baked Parsley Tomatoes (page 254)
Garden Rice (page 267)


Opener (choose one)
Spanish Garlic Soup (page 91) or Gazpacho (page 108) or White Gazpacho (page 108)
Entrée (choose one)
Spanish-Style Chickpeas over grain (page 177) or Basque Country Stew (page 180) or Paella (page 190)
Accompaniment (choose one)
Green Salad with Orange Honey Dressing (page 291) or Marinated Cucumber Salad (page 65) or Cheese Salad with Walnut Dressing (page 296)
Dessert (choose one)
Broiled Orange (page 61) or Baked Custard (page 362) or Egg-White Almond Custard (page 362)


Opener (choose one or more)
Steamed Artichoke with Dipping Sauce (page 81) ­­and/or White Bean Pâté (page 66)
Entrée (choose one)
Aioli with Vegetables (page 41) or Potatoes Niçoise (page 143) or Marseilles Spinach Stew (page 143)
Bread (choose one)
Pissaladière Niçoise (page 282) or Baguettes (page 340) or Brioche (page 342)
Greens with Herb Dressing (page 287) or French Tomato Vinaigrette (page 288)
Dessert (choose one)
Marinated Figs (page 358) or Fresh Fruit Tarts (page 402)


Opener or Accompaniment (choose one)
Greek Lentil Soup (page 101) or Green Bean Salad (page 262)
Entrée (choose one)
Greek Stuffed Cabbage (page 82) or Zucchini Pancakes (page 195) or Greek Artichokes and Dill (page 231)
Accompaniment (choose one)
Greek Coleslaw (page 292) or Yogurt-Cucumber Salad (page 293) or Greek Tomato and Cucumber Salad (page 300)
Bread (choose one)
Greek Feta Biscuits (page 281) or Pita Bread (page 337)
Greek Olives (page 65)
Dessert (choose one)
Top-of-the-Stove or Baked Rice Pudding (page 363) or Rich Almond Cookies (page 376)


Opener (choose one)
Chinese Hot and Sour Soup (page 107) or Spring Lettuce Rolls with Sweet Dipping Sauce (page 83)
Entrée (choose one)
Egg Fu Yung (page 136) or Savory Smoky Tofu (page 169) or Spicy Bean Curd (page 169)
Grain Accompaniment (choose one)
Rice with Snow Peas (page 267) or Noodles with Sesame Paste (page 277)
Vegetable Course (choose one)
Broccoli with Peanuts in Sweet and Sour Sauce (page 169) or Stir-Fried Green Beans with Garlic (page 233) or Spiced Cabbage (page 236)
Dessert (choose one)
Pineapple Sherbet (page 59) or Fruit Juice Gel (page 360) or Ginger Cookies (page 275)


Wet Curry (choose one)
Vegetable-Cheese Curry (page 148) or Eggplant and Potato Curry (page 242) or Cauliflower with Yogurt (page 239)
Dry Vegetable Curry (choose one)
Spiced Green Beans (page 232) or Spiced Spinach (page 250) or Fruit Curry (page 257)
Bean Dish (choose one)
Very Quick Curried Chickpeas (page 54) or Mulligtawny Soup (page 102) or Indian Lentils (page 258)
Grain (choose one)
Peanut Rice (page 265) or Aromatic Rice with Green Beans (page 266) or Hindu Pulao (page 266)
Salad (choose one)
Carrot Raita (page 293) or Cucumber Cuchumber (page 294) or Tomato Pachadi (page 300)
Chutney (choose one)
Raisin Chutney (page 309) or Coconut Sambal (page 310) or Pineapple Chutney (page 442)
Bread (choose one)
Stuffed Chapatis (page 284) or Chapatis (page 323) or Dhal Pouree Roti (page 324)
Dessert (choose one)
Halvah (page 352) or Baked Bananas and Cheese (page 357) or Roast Pineapple (page 359)


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