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If you buy only one vegetarian cookbook, this is the one. …but I wore out my first copy and am now on my second.   – Reader,Canada, 2007

Excellent cookbook! This book is so thorough and well explained. I have to admit I wasn’t  expecting much from the simplicity of the recipes but when I tried a few I was WOWed!
No weird exotic ingredients here that I’ve never heard of and nothing in the book that I cannot get a hold of in local markets, even tho I live in the middle of nowheres-ville.
Techniques are so well explained I don’t feel like I need another book to add to explanations. The section on bread making is wonderful! I just started learning how to make bread and this book has been exceptional in aiding my endevour.  – Reader PA, 2007

This is my favorite whole foods cookbook because the ingredients are not exotic or hard to find. This is regular people cookin’! – Reader, Georgia, 2005

I … am on my second copy. My wife, I and the rest of my family, as well as the many guests we have entertained with the recipes have nothing but good to say about it….I feel the Goldbecks went out of their way to write this book and helped many of us in doing so. – Reader, New York 2005

This is by far the best cookbook I own. I completely wore out my first copy. Not only are the recipes delicious, but the ingredients used are mainly items you can purchase in a normal supermarket….These recipes are great for the person who just wants to improve their diet, as well as for the hard-core vegetarian. Even meat-eaters would enjoy this food.  — Reader, 2005

Just the guide in the last section makes it worth the $. The whole last 50 pages or so is PACKED full of GREAT information…. The diagrams that show the EASY way to cut your veggies to make little squares and sticks are SO easy to understand. The kitchen math section give the conversions for just about every measurement I can imagine exists in the English language….. Tips and short cuts such as storing unused portions of tomato paste frozen in ice cubes trays are just dead on BRILLIANT! – Reader, Vermont, 2005

I’ve used this book for years, everything I’ve made out of it is great…. I would never be without this book, and have bought another copy to keep for when my original one finally gives out. – Reader, UK, 2004

…. I did want to add my voice….to the now and hopefully forever growing commending fans of this quietly spectacular cookbook. As an ex-vegetarian cook/chef …. I can honestly commit to this as being my all time favorite…. Anything you make following directions straight from the book will turn out grand…. As to its vegan content…SUBSTITUTE!! finagle those ingredients!! tofurella for cheese — i believe it is applesauce for eggs (maybe it’s butter) — but it CAN be done!! If ever there were a cookbook adaptable, this is it. – Reader, California, 2003

I have about a dozen or so Vegetarian Cookbooks. This is the only one I actually use. – Reader, Indiana, 2001

This IS the only cookbook you’ll ever need. I got it when I first began to cook and it is full of simple recipes and good cooking and nutrition tips…. It includes recipes for almost anything you could ever want to cook and even meat-eaters will appreciate the soups, breads, side dishes, salads, sauces, dressings, drinks, desserts, etc. I buy new cookbooks all the time but I always rely on this one. – Reader, 2001

There’s a detailed section on bread baking, which has been very helpful. (The pumpkin pan rolls are some of the best dinner rolls I’ve ever had.) …. The barley-mushroom soup is amazing….All in all, I recommend this cookbook, particularly for people who don’t believe that meatless meals can be good. – Reader, Arizona, 2001

Reviews of American Wholefoods Cuisine

“A monumental work….” This book is a must for every vegetarian cook.” – Vegetarian Times

“… at last a vegetarian Joy of Cooking.” – Newsday

“I suspect it is the yardstick against with forthcoming natural foods and vegetarian cookbooks will
be measured.”   – How to Write a Cookbook

“Joy of Cooking move over.” – Self

“the Joy of Cooking of the health food generation.” – Food & Wine

” the greening of the Joy of Cooking.” – US Magazine

“…the state-of-the-art of American health foods.” – Food & Wine

“My congratulations to the Goldbecks.” – M.F.K. Fisher

“The best [vegetarian] book I have seen….” – New Zealand Herald

“I have never been fond of most health foods, despite the undeniable value of such fare. But recently I changed
my mind. The reason was a new book…American Wholefoods Cuisine.  – Tom Hoge, Associated Press

American Wholefoods Cuisine a “Cookbook You Can’t Live Without. – Vegetarian Times

“Anyone seriously cooking in the wholefoods vein can’t help but be delighted to have such a fund of basic   information and ideas at hand.” – Cook’s Magazine

“Accomplished vegetarian cooks as well as those interested in learning the basics of wholefoods cuisine and people  wanting to serve their friends and families, tasty nutritious meals will all find this book worthwhile.”
- Publisher’s Weekly

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