Clean & Green

The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping

Ann Berthold-Bond

“Better than Heloise…” —Library Journal

More than 100,000 sold!

Sample Recipes


485 ways to clean, polish, disinfect, deodorize, launder, remove stains, even wash your car, without harming yourself or the environment. Recipes based on harmless, nonpolluting, renewable ingredients. 100,000 in print. 160 pages, ISBN 1-886101-01-9

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“Better than Heloise….”
— Library Journal

“I never thought a book (or anything else) could make me enthusiastic about housecleaning—but this book has!”
— Donella Meadows (Nationally syndicated columnist and adjunct professor of environmental studies, Dartmouth College)

“The ultimate in childproofing. Every home needs this veritable encyclopedia of nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products…”
—Wendy Gordon Rockefeller (Co-chair, Mothers and Others For a Liveable Planet [NRDC])

“A boon for environmentally sensitive patients.”
—Ken Bock, M.D. (Environmental and preventative medicine)

A practical guide providing innovative ideas for cleaning literally everything, from pesticide-coated food to the kitchen sink. 485 cleaning recipes and stain removers based on harmless, non-polluting, renewable ingredients. Plus, brand name recommendations for environmentally-safe commercial cleaning products. 100,000 in print.