The Healthiest Diet in the World

A Cookbook and Mentor

Nikki & David Goldbeck

“Selected as one of the “BEST BOOKS ON NATURAL HEALING”
- Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Newsletter

This is one of the most important books ever written on nutrition.”
- Ann de Weis Allen, Chief of Biomedical Research, Gycemic Research Institute

Sick of fad diets? This groundbreaking work blends the science and art of cooking and nutrition with the authors’ 25 years experience. Includes the Goldbecks’ “Eight Golden Guidelines” and 300 exciting recipes that reach a new level of health and enjoyment. Nikki’s “Dialogue Boxes” are like having a nutritionist in the kitchen. (561 pages)


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Sample Recipes

Selected as one of the BEST BOOKS ON NATURAL HEALING
Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Newsletter

One of the three most influential food books of 1998 Self magazine

The million-selling authors of The Supermarket Handbook and American Wholefoods Cuisine are again breaking new ground. In this unprecedented cookbook and mentor, Nikki and David Goldbeck present a plan of eating that blends science and the art of cooking with their 25 years of work in the field of food and nutrition.

“…a 9.5 for impeccable nutritional value and for surviving the gauntlet in the eating well test kitchen – a feat the best food writers and chefs often fail.”

Eating Well

“One of the finest books I have ever read.”

Dr. Ann deWees Allen, Director of Biomedical Research, Glycemic Research Institute

“In The Healthiest Diet in the World, [the Goldbecks] present their accumulated wisdom about nutrition with delicious recipes…”

Barbara Haber, Curator of Books, Schlesinger Library

DISCOVER… Goldbecks’ Golden Guidelines for improving any diet. 300 Healthiest Diet that reach a new level of cooking. Nikki’s Dialogue Boxes – a unique forum for speaking directly to you.

FIND OUT…Which carbohydrates are right for you and why the wrong choices can harm you. Why the right fat is more important than low fat. Which nutrients can boost any diet. Why vegetables may protect your health more than fruit. What makes soy foods unique. Why everyone should be eating beans. Which dairy food has special health benefits. What liquids can enhance your health.