ABC’s of F&V

This rich alphabet book is actually two books in one — it will not be put aside after a child learns the alphabet. It will provide ongoing learning and pleasure for children (and parents) as they progress from beginning readers into grade-school and beyond.

Used in Schools and Educational Programs

Part One teaches the ABC’s via twenty-six funny and clever poems about both common and unusual fruits and vegetables. Each poem, written by Steve Charney, a Jim Henson writer, is exuberantly illustrated by Maria Burgaleta Larson. Click for more pages

Part Two by David Goldbeck goes “beyond the ABC’s” — bringing children to a comfortable connection with these foods. This remarkable feat is accomplished through a wonderful mix of jokes, tongue twisters, unusual facts, poems, kid-friendly recipes, shopping tips and the like. Click for more pages

Everyone in the family is sure to have some fun with this book filled to the brim with poems, projects, extra reads and more. The youngest child can learn the alphabet and a fruit or vegetable starting with the same letter while older ones can learn food facts, silly jokes or even try some recipes.

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… our son loves his ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables book. He picks it out for me to read to him every morning.
- Diana

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Steve Charney is a nationally known children’s entertainer, magician, ventriloquist, songwriter, and radio personality. His books include Hocus Jokus and Kid’s Kookiest Riddles. He is also the co-host, with his dummy Harry, of the radio program “Knock On Wood.” Steve performs at festivals, theaters, and libraries throughout the world and Steve and Harry often promote literacy in schools at well.

David Goldbeck is co-author with Nikki Goldbeck of nine food books. These books include the bestsellers, The Supermarket Handbook, American Wholefoods Cuisine and, most recently, Healthy Highways. He eats his fruits and vegetables while enjoying the Catskill Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley.

The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond
Full color/ Illustrated paperback /112 pages/ ONLY $14.50
ISBN 1-886101-07-4

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