Health Info

Alternative Health

Dr. Dr. Andrew Weil provides sensible and balanced  information and advice. His work promoting “integrative medicine”  in medical schools deserves our support.

Whole Health MD Alternate health information.

Food/Nutrition Information

The Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) at the U.S. National Agricultural Library. is the US’s official nutrition site. We don’t agree with some of it particularly the food pyramid but there are a lot of resources including a downloadable nutrient database.

Wellsphere  List of High Protein Foods


The Local Organic Initiative. This organization supports the growth of a regional food system in Midwestern states with a goal to supply a significant portion of the organic food consumed in the Chicago area.

NEW Total Lifetime Fitness. Fitness, Nutrition,Wellness based on 25 years experience


The Meatrix. Family Farm issues in cartoon form.

Growing Food

Seed Swapping – International

General Health

Square One Publishers. This fine publisher specializes in books on self help, inspiration, New Age, cooking, health as well as finance, history and writing.

Healhfinder is a broad information source from the US government.

Netwellness is a good source for health information from three Universities.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Comprehensive IBS diet information & hundreds of IBS-friendly recipes.

Herbal Medicine Resources for Women’s Health and Well Being.  Find information on menopause, fertility, pregnancy, breast care, and more.  Plus books you’ll treasure & information you can trust
An Endless Harvest Learn how to freeze, can, dry and store food for living a sustainable lifestyle on locally grown produce. This book is a complete how- to guide for caring for seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. Includes 250 delicious recipes.

Medline is the Us Government Website for Drug Information


Greening Ethnic Restaurants: Helps ethnic restaurants adopt environmental principals. 510-655-5566

Green Restaurant Association: Encourages an ecologically sustainable restaurant industry and certifies restaurants that meet certain criteria in such areas as recycling, composting, energy and water efficiency and conservation, sustainable food, nontoxic cleaning practices, green construction, and more. 858-452-7378


New The SustainLane GreenSaver is an online source for green discounts and coupons.

New Marc Black  Marc is a little known musical genius. It really comes togther in his remarkable album “Stroke of Genius.” Music News Nashville wrote: “If you like music that makes you pause and think just a minute, Marc Black is for you!”

Book Marketing Update  A web site for book authors and publishers who want to sell more books. Lots of detail information, including reports, resource lists, and ezine

ButtsOut  International organization working to reduce litter from cigarette smokers. 

C. S Lewis & Co Publicity   Honest health and buisiness publicity.

Why Become A Vegetarian  How to Successfully become a vegetarian, even if you think you can’t do it, even if you think it’s way too  hard, even if you have tried & failed before.