Readers Rave about YoChee

“I discovered your site about 2 months ago, and I’ve become a YoChee addict! It’s WONDERFUL! I have used it to frost my ambrosia and chicken salads, in spicy dips for tortillas, in ranch dip for my raw veggies, and have substituted it for sour cream and cream cheese in casseroles. I tried your YoChee brownies, and they were too good for words. As a health-conscious young woman, I truly value this discovery and have passed it on to friends, one of which is on a strict diet after having a heart attack. Thank you for all the info. and keep up the great work!”



“I’ve already tried making YoChee & really like it. Can’t wait for more recipes. This is an unbelievably easy way to modify our diets. Thanks!”

-KW (Duluth, Georgia )


“I have never wanted to eat plain Yogurt, but I gave it a try after looking thru your web site. WOW, YoChee is very good. I can see a lot of uses. Thanks for the education. ”

- HJG (Decatur Georgia )


“I love “Eat Well The YoChee Way” it is very informative, professionally written, and organized. The ingredients in the recipes are easily obtained and if you cook you probably already have them in your kitchen. Thanks for your great personal customer service.”



“A friend and co-worker, shared her “Eat Well the YoChee Way” with me and I loved it!”



“I love “Eat Well The YoChee Way” guide and 275 recipes book. Along with being professionally written, organized, and easy to use; it is very informative.

I am extremely lactose intolerance and I have no problems eating YoChee. I love the creamy sauces and silky desserts which I was unable to eat before. YoChee really does have the pleasurable mouthful of high fat foods. The only problem I have is keeping enough YoChee handy to make all these wonderful healthy foods possible. I am culinary challenged and still find these recipes easy to put together. They range from the simple no cook recipes to the more elaborate elegant dinning recipes. Talk about easy to make, I have started buying yogurt by the case. YoChee is so versatile, I no longer have the need to use mayo, sour cream, cream cheese or butter in recipes. Even my 7 year old son loves YoChee; douse veggies and he asks for seconds. It’s a fun way for him to get his daily protein and calcium, and don’t forget the positive cancer fighting properties that eating yogurt claims.


I can’t say enough great things about this book. I want to thank the Goldbeck’s personally for the introduction of YoChee as it has made my diet more healthy. Everyone can use more calcium in their diet. I challenge you to receive the renowned benefits of yogurt by adding YoChee to your diet.”

-Soya, USA